It Can’t All Happen in One Day…

I recently had to remind myself of the pressure I put on myself to achieve all of my goals immediately… whenever this happens to me, I have a mini emotional episode of panic. Sometimes it can last for days or weeks, before I get perspective. Everything goes along fine, stuff gets done, one day goes into the next – but it just feels ‘off’, and that’s not a fun way to live. The only way I ever regain that perspective is through prayer, reflection and faith. Very often the catalyst is a person or people giving me a thought, a challenge, or even an admonishment.

Why am I writing this?

  1. It helps me to process my thoughts and feelings to write them out. It’s part of the process of regaining perspective.
  2. Like I say, I often need people to nudge me back into right thinking. I have the hope that reading this might help give you that nudge as well.

For me, today I just need to remember the old adage, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. I can’t achieve everything I’d like to accomplish all at once. It takes planning, strategy, priorities, teamwork and most of all trust and faith in God’s purpose for my life. It strikes me that I might have to let some things go too. But that’s another blog for another time…

Jon Buller