Story Behind the Song - Meet Me in the River

Meet Me in the River came about over morning coffee and a songwriting session with my friend Larry Campbell after about a year of having the hook ‘Meet me in the river and I’ll wash your sins away’ percolating in my mind. To be honest that hook was driving me a bit crazy - knowing that there was a song to be borne somehow, someday, and it would just repeat over and over and over…

So, almost just to get the hook out of my mind, I invited Larry over and said, hey let’s try and write this song - so I can move on. Ha! My idea was to have 3 verses, each with an individual inviting people to come to the river to be baptized. Verse one, a pastor. Verse two, John the baptist. Verse three, Jesus. Some songs come with painstaking crafting and re-crafting of lyrics and melodies, chords and progressions. Not so with Meet Me. 2 pots of coffee, loads of laughs and even a few extra verses that never made it to ‘press’. We finished the song in about 2 hours. It was a total gift from our Creator - allowing us to be creative writing a song.

Since then, the song has taken on a life of it’s own. I recently heard that it is a regular part of the repertoire at a camp in California that I have never been to. How it got there, I don’t know - but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to write it with Larry and take it from our hearts and minds and offer it to people. Hopefully to join with other songs and bring some more joy and truth into the world.

And that’s the long story short!