What Gives Me Life

I may be stating the obvious here, but it’s always been easy for me to forget this. And I often need reminding. So at the very least I am reminding myself of the following realization.

The way out of weariness, boredom, exhaustion, depression - you name it - for me, is to choose to do things that I know will give me life. If you are not feeling like any of those things, that’s great! A way to avoid them is… you guessed it - to do things that you know will give you life.

I had a fantastic fall season. My new CD LIGHT UP THE SKY was completed and released. I traveled to various destinations with a fantastic band, shared my songs with people and received generous encouragement from my home community. Working at Vernon Alliance I am affirmed in my role as a worship pastor regularly, and my family now includes 2 beautiful children, and an incredible wife. But I have to confess, I know I pushed a little bit too hard this fall, and I am spent. And I know many other people who feel exactly the same as me, albeit for different reasons.

So now what? How do I recharge. I am reminding myself today to find the things that give me life and do them - so that I can recharge body, mind and soul. Most things are obvious… trips to the gym, exercise, simple family time (being present at home - not running around), maybe even an indulgent time of movie watching and pop-corn. The best thing for me though is my time alone with God - bible reading and prayer… I have shared before, my lack of discipline in this area. But every time I focus back in, I feel my spirit, soul and body restored.

That’s my reminder to all of us today - including myself. I think I’m off to do something that will give me life - you do the same!