Charisma, Grace, and the Fire of God

I read and heard some interesting things about 2 Timothy 1:6 a few weeks ago. For this reason, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you…

That word ‘GIFT’. As I understand it is related to the Greek word(s) ‘CHARIS’ or ‘CHARISMA’. While I am not a bible scholar, I do find this quite interesting for a number of reasons.

Paul is writing to Timothy and saying ‘fan into flame the gift of God’. One translation of the word ‘CHARISMA’ is ‘a gift of grace – an undeserved benefit from God’. My wife shared her thoughts with me on this from her own personal bible study (credit to Beth Moore), and it resonated with me. ‘CHARISMA’ refers not only to Salvation as given by God, but also to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, distributed as God deems necessary to every believer. Even our talents were not earned, but were given by God.

God lit a fire, upon our confession of Christ, but it is our job to fan the flame. As I exude the ‘CHARISMA’ which I can take no credit for, it is God’s fire, coming out through me – an undeserved benefit from God. Churches and Christians are called ‘charismatic’ for many reasons – I suppose that this is one of them – the fire of God, gifts of grace given to us to point to God.

I wonder another thing… this word CHARISMA and the related word CHARISTMATIC. Is it an accident that we like to be around people that exhibit that personality trait? Leaders that have huge followings are characterized as ‘charismatic’. Great entertainers are said to have ‘charisma’, and that makes them attractive to us. Whether we know it or not… whether we choose to use it for His glory or not… we have been given CHARISMA – GOD’S GIFT – HIS FIRE – HIS GRACE.